Language + Culture

Visual art is but one language among many. Language and culture inform each other. Diverse paradigms and points of view result.

Pulp Fiction
Pulp Fiction, detail
Pulp Non-Fiction
Pulp Non-Fiction, detail
Mixed Messages
Mixed Messages, detail
SOS (Stay Off Site)
SOS (Stay Off Site), detail
Wheel Of Fortune
Wheel Of Fortune, detail
It's In Her Veins
Grateful, open view
Mother Nature Knows Best
The Eyes Have It
Aura Capítulo Uno
Aura Capítulo Dos
Aura Capítulo Tres
Aura Capítulo Cuatro
Aura Capítulo Cinco
David's Honey
Roads Work
Por Qué?
Por Qué?, detail
Porque, detail
Push-Pull 1
Push-Pull 2