I am excited to be offering a one hour online class entitled An Artist's Book- Exquisite Corpse, as part of a year-long encaustic workshop entitled Painting with Fire. This is being offered by Essence of Mulranny an artist retreat on the west coast of Ireland. There are 25 other teachers focusing on different aspects of the encaustic process, and by signing up you will have access to all 26 teachers' workshops! 

This is an amazing cost effective opportunity for you to experience and learn a diverse range of technical and creative possibilities using encaustic medium.

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"Encaustic with Transferred and Embedded Images"- workshop. June 27-28, 2021, 9-5 (Saturday), 9-4 (Sunday). Art Intersection, 207 N. Gilbert Rd., Suite 201, Gilbert, AZ. 85234. 480-361-1118


"Encaustic- Getting Down to Basics"- virtual workshop as part of the 14th International Encaustic Conference. June 2-4, 2021, 1-3EST each day

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